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WTF does that mean!?

2010-04-14 10:40:33 by LionHeadtm

*sigh* So yeah... I thought that the picture I submitted would've had a bigger bang than I thought it would. I'm having a hard time jump starting the next picture though. I want to work on the Heavy class this time and this by far is just frustrating from the start. I know exactly what type of model I want to use as a reference, but I'm just... Not finding the right resource or the spark isn't there. The pyro took me long enough, but I just didn't know what to do with her. So i just threw a background up and called it a day. But when I go to look at it, on the side where the 0 to 5 rating is, it says something like "it hasn't been scouted yet" which i'm guessing means that it has to be featured? or that it has to be approved... I don't know... But all I know is, I'm still sittin pretty on making more TF2 female-ified characters. hot damn!

I used to be incredible in certain games. I dont get sick of them, but lately, my skills have gone WAAAAY downhill. i mean, it's so easy to kill me anymore and it's my mistake... why is this happening? I used to be incredible and then now I'm just getting destroyed left and right. I don't know what happened to have me lose my edge. I am fighting to get it back really, but it's just not happening. Is it some kind of internal metronome that ticks away been knocked off-beat? I'm just really frustrated and I don't know what to do to fix it. I can't play ANYTHING without having major fail sessions. Does anyone know any tips? anything to help me get back on track? I'd REALLY love to hear what you've got., Gamervision, & Four Fourteen Entertainment proudly present a comedy show to be the first of its kind.

The Mega Woot Comedy Special! It's comedy with gaming!

All the fun of the night will be focused around gaming, internet humor, and generally the nerdy things we just love to do. It's a night for us.

Click Here for the Banner Image Promotion

Inbetween Comic sets, there will be video game gags and contests. I'm bringing a video projector and a screen so everyone can see what's going on and be part of the fun.

How does a hilarious button mashing competition sound with a random fighting game players haven't played before. We're going to let two volunteers duke it out in some Wii Boxing.
Bring your Rock Band skills because we're going to have a battle of the bands segment so BRING YOUR BAND!

Wii Boxing

Rock Band 2

We're going to have a blast and I want all you Gamervision gamers in the area to come be a part of our first show.

Afterwards, we'll have a meet & greet gaming session by the bar so we can just hang out, play some games, and meet the comics.

Here's your general information.

April 19th, 2009 doors open at 7:30pm

Tierney's Tavern
136 Valley Road
Montclair, NJ 07042

Admission: $10

For reservations call 973-731-2967
(Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for this show because of the unique content. Don't be left outside wishing you made a reservation. We're expecting to be sold out.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible !

Yeah, I was never able to make it happen for my 21st (because people were pussies) so I decided that I should try again this year. So I'm gonna kick it up a notch. Im taking it to six flags. I don't think it would be wise to go to hershey because it might not open as early. I should check up the dates for six flags again, just in case, but I think it would be fun to fill my day of thrills and spills and I want to challange myself. There is one roller coaster in particular that I want to try, just to say I've tried it because it seems like it would rip me to shreds.

It's called the "KingDa Ka" and it's really short but I hear that it's the fastest coaster in the world. you go from 0 to 120 in 3 seconds or something. That is impressive. But you go up and down this one giant hill. straight up, straight down. It's so tall, that you can fit the statue of liberty under it. Cool, right? I'm nervous just typing about it! But if I can't get the nerve to get on that, there are plenty of other rides to get on...

you guys ready for this?....

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that... is fast.

Yeah, just to put it out there... I downloaded castle crashers and I am thoroughly impressed. Nice job Tom and Dan. Oh, and if you guys are interested, we need 2 more people to play with us.


Castle Crashers  makes Tom's and Dan's hotness go up 1000000000 degrees.

Add me on Xbox LIVE

2009-02-10 12:06:43 by LionHeadtm


'nuff said

Xbox time.

2009-01-24 16:29:32 by LionHeadtm

Yeah, so I finally am ready to get an Xbox 360. However, i want to go out and have fun at it. I want to go out and eat and have a good time with someone, but everyone is busy. it annoys me. My friend is friggin sleeping and it's 4 FUCKING 30. the other has work, and I don't know what my cousin is doing... I think he's just chillin' with his girlfriend. Ugh. Someone go have a night out with me. I'm really bored.

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Mario Kart Wii Anyone?

2008-12-19 13:05:26 by LionHeadtm

I'm soley making this post because it's snowing like jesus has million year old dandruff outside. So, I'm just asking all you boys and girls if anyone who happens to want to play rather Guitar Hero III or Mario Kart with me.


1. A functional Nintendo Wii
2. Mario Kart for the wii or Guitar hero 3 for the wii
3. Internet connection
15. a friend regristration number (so I can you in so we see each other and we can play!)

If you want my wii number to register, my wii number is

3472 0192 6274 2194

If you have a number, please comment. i will check back every now and then and instantly update you to my wii friends. K?

Thanks. Hope to see you there.


2008-12-05 20:13:34 by LionHeadtm

YAHOOOOOO!!! I'M FREEEEEEE!!! No longer will I have to endure that blasted hotel!!! I now work in a doctors office!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!! I just called the hotel and said "I QUIT!" HAHAH!!! LATER PUNKS!!! NO MORE FOLDING SHEETS FOR ME!!!


let's go party...



The cutest damn thing I discovered on google.

2008-12-01 18:30:03 by LionHeadtm

Ok, so probably some of you already seen thi- you know what. shut the fuck up and watch it. CMb8