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Mario Kart Wii Anyone?

2008-12-19 13:05:26 by LionHeadtm

I'm soley making this post because it's snowing like jesus has million year old dandruff outside. So, I'm just asking all you boys and girls if anyone who happens to want to play rather Guitar Hero III or Mario Kart with me.


1. A functional Nintendo Wii
2. Mario Kart for the wii or Guitar hero 3 for the wii
3. Internet connection
15. a friend regristration number (so I can you in so we see each other and we can play!)

If you want my wii number to register, my wii number is

3472 0192 6274 2194

If you have a number, please comment. i will check back every now and then and instantly update you to my wii friends. K?

Thanks. Hope to see you there.


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2008-12-21 03:06:07

Will do.


2008-12-29 00:47:00

need to get urself a better gaming system for interweb fun or get familiar with some pc shooters, happy soon to be new year

LionHeadtm responds:

are you serious? I already play excessively on WoW, CS, and friggin TFC. When I get the money for the xbox (in 26 days!!!) I'm gonna get Unreal Tournament and rip people up... Wanna be my first victim?


2009-01-04 03:13:43

Left 4 Dead is where its at right now and as for UT i think i might get that. i finally got my comp built :) no mo shitty laptop, hammered that bitch


2009-01-04 08:54:20

I don't have Mario Kart Wii, heard it was pretty cool though.

When you get an Xbox 360 though I'll definitely beat you at Unreal Tournament. >8)


2009-01-08 21:18:35

That's A LOT of snow...


2009-01-10 18:39:51

Don't you have Brawl?


2009-01-21 22:07:20

When you get your xbox let me know ill school you at any gane of your choice... if i have it! LEFT 4 DEAD... be sure to get that one!