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Add me on Xbox LIVE

2009-02-10 12:06:43 by LionHeadtm


'nuff said


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2009-02-10 14:17:29

i just did
my account card is mr.slayer


2009-02-10 15:57:53



2009-02-12 20:04:15

I was going to tell you about the penis but randomclock beat me to the punch. So I guess I'll just ask what games you playing.

LionHeadtm responds:

lol. don't worry. my attention was lost like 3 words in so I cleaned up my page and deleted it.

Anyway, i've got (so far) assassins creed, unreal tournament, castle crashers, uno, pgr4 and 2 other games that already came with the xbox. Working on getting gta4, rockband or ghwt, bioshock, the orange box, aaaaaand.... Left 4 Dead.


2010-05-03 17:44:17

Whaaa...Its a shame you do not have an Playstation Network account...I would have added you! :)