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Castle Crashers makes Tom's and Dan's hotness go up 1000000000 degrees.

2009-02-14 20:34:37 by LionHeadtm

Yeah, just to put it out there... I downloaded castle crashers and I am thoroughly impressed. Nice job Tom and Dan. Oh, and if you guys are interested, we need 2 more people to play with us.


Castle Crashers  makes Tom's and Dan's hotness go up 1000000000 degrees.


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2009-02-14 20:38:37

Blue is the gay one

LionHeadtm responds:

it's only gay because you are so shitty at it.


2009-02-14 21:41:47

Save your pennies, Resident Evil 5 coming out like the second week of March. It's gonna be awesome! Not sure if you played RE4 but if you haven't you are missing out on greatness.


2009-02-16 10:48:31


Ha ha ha what does Resident Evil 5 Have to do with Castle Crashers?

Whcih is amazing by the way!!!!

LionHeadtm responds:

well played sir!


2009-02-17 16:22:12


It doesn't have anything to do with Castle Crashers, was just suggesting a good game a coming out fairly soon.

And Castle Crashers is a good game but I can only hit the same button so many times for one game.


2009-02-24 02:45:12

Damn Gooben, stop cub that dead seal man. She clearly isn't interested and yet again you will retort for you wound. Also note if you are reading this don't be dick when somebody disses you. Like that game is ok but sucks really.