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My Birthday is coming up... So I'm going to Six Flags.

2009-03-23 16:33:09 by LionHeadtm

Yeah, I was never able to make it happen for my 21st (because people were pussies) so I decided that I should try again this year. So I'm gonna kick it up a notch. Im taking it to six flags. I don't think it would be wise to go to hershey because it might not open as early. I should check up the dates for six flags again, just in case, but I think it would be fun to fill my day of thrills and spills and I want to challange myself. There is one roller coaster in particular that I want to try, just to say I've tried it because it seems like it would rip me to shreds.

It's called the "KingDa Ka" and it's really short but I hear that it's the fastest coaster in the world. you go from 0 to 120 in 3 seconds or something. That is impressive. But you go up and down this one giant hill. straight up, straight down. It's so tall, that you can fit the statue of liberty under it. Cool, right? I'm nervous just typing about it! But if I can't get the nerve to get on that, there are plenty of other rides to get on...

you guys ready for this?....

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that... is fast.


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2009-03-23 16:36:41

what is six flags


2009-03-23 17:07:24

man i love six fags....err i mean six flags...LOL XD :P
have fun