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What happened to my gaming edge?

2009-09-24 18:46:12 by LionHeadtm

I used to be incredible in certain games. I dont get sick of them, but lately, my skills have gone WAAAAY downhill. i mean, it's so easy to kill me anymore and it's my mistake... why is this happening? I used to be incredible and then now I'm just getting destroyed left and right. I don't know what happened to have me lose my edge. I am fighting to get it back really, but it's just not happening. Is it some kind of internal metronome that ticks away been knocked off-beat? I'm just really frustrated and I don't know what to do to fix it. I can't play ANYTHING without having major fail sessions. Does anyone know any tips? anything to help me get back on track? I'd REALLY love to hear what you've got.


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2009-09-24 18:49:15

This does happen to people.

Your wearing yourself out. All you need is a break.

Games are not a source of achievement one should strive for. Try see how long it takes for you to jog before losing your stamina. Or try to cook a simple recipe.

All your gaming skills need is a break.

Try something new for a while.

LionHeadtm responds:

I guess youre right. i't just hard to put a stop on it when you love something so much.


2009-09-24 18:53:46

your gaming skillz need a break, ESTA LOCA your gaming skillz need a break

u just need 2 get back in the vibe, and lik rearrange your inner gamming chi, and do some mr. miagi shit. avoid the oncoming truck, yay u can steer on mario cart. type at 56 wpm, you can play guitar hero again.


2009-09-24 19:12:30

what game is it


2009-11-18 03:54:32

use it or you'll lose it


2009-12-02 16:37:37

I find myself having the same problem often. Your frustration is only making you make more mistakes, so as said before, take a break from it. I often found that when I couldn't beat a level in a game, or kept getting defeated, I'd simply stop playing the game, and then about a month later, I'd play the game and beat the level easily becayse I was more focused and calm.


2009-12-04 16:06:56

I have an idea. Stop playing the games and go workout.


2009-12-19 19:53:40

Aaaaaaaah yeah it happenned to me as well, recently, anything I tried I failed, and I used to be at the top of the scoreboard. At First, I though it was because I was too old (22) and lost all my reflex (eyes+hands) and it was normal... So anyway, I kept playing and sucked even tough I tried hard... and one day, one special day, all my skills came back, and I started to melts faces again... And it was great!

So yeah, all you got to do is wait out this bad period of your life and your awesome pwnzor skillz of doom will come back by themselves!

GL with that...

PS: Dang you are hot. :P

LionHeadtm responds:

lol. why thank you.


2010-01-08 01:47:27

My advice about your gaming edge always stay focus and eat right and drink some energy drinks and keep playing like on normal mode and see how your skills coming.


2010-01-10 03:16:11

you should put your skills towards taking a cock

LionHeadtm responds:

Hopefully not yours, I hope... That is.. if you even have one...


2010-01-11 03:08:29

Happened to me when I played halo 2 nonstop. Went from ace sniper to fragdoll. I just gave it a break for a few weeks. Got back into the game and started fragging n00bs.


2010-02-15 10:55:24

mmmm intresting? well there aren't any tips I can think of, but I have to say your one of a kind. You don't look like the person who would pick up a gamepad, but hey girl gamers can do some serious damaging on games :)

P.S Like one said above your pretty good to look at :) very yumilious :P


2010-02-15 12:56:19

you cant be the best at everything sometimes youve got to accept youre failure--
what the fuck am i saying?
just practice. practice makes pies! :)


2010-02-20 00:13:42

Its happened to me multiple times. x___x One thing that causes it is not playing the game in question for awhile and you lose touch with it. xD I have a pretty awesome tip I'll message it to you. ^_^


2010-03-31 12:48:10

well it happens after a certain amount of time i was GOD in world at war always one n number 1 lol but after awhile i got ownd sooo easy i just spawned and i get killed by i colt 1911 not cool lol so just take your mind off of video games new buddy? lol take it easy your panwage skills will return ^^