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Entry #29

WTF does that mean!?

2010-04-14 10:40:33 by LionHeadtm

*sigh* So yeah... I thought that the picture I submitted would've had a bigger bang than I thought it would. I'm having a hard time jump starting the next picture though. I want to work on the Heavy class this time and this by far is just frustrating from the start. I know exactly what type of model I want to use as a reference, but I'm just... Not finding the right resource or the spark isn't there. The pyro took me long enough, but I just didn't know what to do with her. So i just threw a background up and called it a day. But when I go to look at it, on the side where the 0 to 5 rating is, it says something like "it hasn't been scouted yet" which i'm guessing means that it has to be featured? or that it has to be approved... I don't know... But all I know is, I'm still sittin pretty on making more TF2 female-ified characters. hot damn!


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