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The day after yesterday

2008-11-28 11:15:51 by LionHeadtm

So it's the day after Thanksgiving and my stomach is very shaky. When it's empty, everything is calm. But if i try to eat a little something like a spoonful of cereal or a bite of oatmeal, BOOM HEADSHOT. Everything turns ugly. It's like Pearl Harbor is happening in my stomach. It sucks so bad because It just failed to let me eat my damn turkey. >.<

Oh well, I do have more to go, so it's alright.

I'm at work again and for some reason, my patience is through the roof today. I love it when that happens. It's like those days where you are comfortable not saying anything to anyone? I love it when I'm like that.

So it's a few days after the VGXPO. Philly is always an awesome city, but for the VGXPO, it kinda let me down. I waited all year for it and I saved up for the room and any kind of merch, to only be let down by the lack of... well... everything. The only actual hype was Athena Twin throwing merch in the audience. Tsk Tsk Tsk... They were cancelling things left and right. Events were being moved THEN being cancelled and NOONE... I mean absolutely NOBODY informed us about it. I can't fully complain because there WERE some highlights of being there. For instance, there was a Suicide Girls booth there and my oh my I was such a fan for a while now. Maybe about 2 years? And I did happen to get some free stuff like shirts, hoodies, stress balls, pins, stickers, TWO mexican fiesta hats, I won a competition here and there, played some guitar hero, and... well that's about it. I did manage to get some numbers. That's a plus, but other than that, i think my trip could have gone a little more... well overall better. I do however, want to gain a spot in the Infamous PMS clan. I'm not quite pro in CSS, but I am kinda pro in others like guitar hero, mario kart (you name it), SSBM, TFC and TF2, so on and so forth. I gotsta get into zat clan!

Any suggestions?

super sick on Turkey Day

2008-11-27 11:14:55 by LionHeadtm

Ok. So today is probably one of the worst days of my life... First, I've got some kind of terrible bug and it's just... gnawing away at my stomach. Second, I have a pounding ache to the point where I can't see certain colors. Third, I'm at fucking work.... Fourth, it's thanksgiving and I can't eat my friggin' mashed potatoes and dark meat off the turkey leg. Fifth, my grandparents are in. Sixth, my sister can't come up because her one daughter is having the same problems I am. And finally Seventh (... like the movie?), I can't play css right now. >:( . Lame, I know right?

Well, the only upside to this is .... well... I don't know.

God damnit....

For those CS and CSS players out there... Make sure you dedicate your kills with knives! Come on, Carve 'Em Up!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Enjoy what you have. <3

if we drive all night we can make it by the mornin'.

*shrugs* just being a little explorative on the internet today.

Ok. So, I found the perfect costume when I was working the halloween store. However, for some reason, they don't have it there and I have to order it online. it's 80's friggin bucks... but if you'd like, i'll show it to you.

and this hat


it doesn't look like much, but you have no idea how detailed it really is. when you get it out of the bag, there is lace and everything on it. I was wearing it the other day, but apparently i'm fat and I need a bigger size. So, i might order it. It's really awesome, but i don't want to spend the 80 bucks for it. I might ask my manager if I can have it specially ordered and still get my employee discount off it. So it takes off some of the blow.

But you know what would REALLY be nice? If someone would get it for me. e_e yeah... it'd be really nice.... it's only 100 bucks for it all. :3

yeah... so just letting you guys know. hahah

... bye.

Ninja Cat FTW!!!

2008-09-19 21:38:51 by LionHeadtm

/* */
nuff said...

Friday night mall rats

2008-09-13 09:12:01 by LionHeadtm

are one tough bunch to handle. I wont lie, i saw some reaaaallllyy attractive scene kids. Like holy poop. But the sad thing is, is that there are so many other people, you have no time to go over and talk to them. All of them are all over the place and people cannot pick up their shit to save their life. Oh man. It was worse because the football game was rained out. so where was everyone? at the halloween store. But we sold like no tomorrow. the store actually felt naked when we closed the doors. Well it didn't matter. Afterwards, me and my cousin and his girlfriend went to applebees and had something to eat. It was enough to get rid of my pounding headache. I feel great this morning. I slept pretty heavy because it was raining out and the excedrin i took helped clear my head up pretty nicely. It was nice to come home and just... go to bed. i went to bed at 11:00. Now the next day i work for them is thursday and that's a full day. Come in and visit!!!

I am gonna enjoy the rest of my day off. =3

Ya, so now that i'm working part time in the halloween store in PA, you guys should stop in and visit me! You'll know it's me because i have uber red hair now. OH man is that place fun. with all the customers commenting on how good the store is this year, it's just awesome to have the feeling of people having a good time and knowing that you helped put it all together. So fun. <333 But ya, someone come in, look for amanda and say "hey... i saw you on a newgrounds" if you say those exact words, i will give you a huge and maybe a kiss on the forehead. then you'll know it's me. el oh el... now that i'm acting like a valley girl, i'm gonna go get my beauty sleep because she's workin' the hotel tommorow. sadface.

well, it's for the money!!

come visit me all you stupid newgrounders!

so it counts down.

2008-08-21 22:01:00 by LionHeadtm

i just got a call from my new bosses. They want me to start the 2nd job on monday. I'm freaking out because i'm scared that my body wont be able to handle it. *sigh* we will see. I'm really really nervous but I think it'll do me good. I am a little curious to see as of how I'll handle it at all...

still nobody on wow. I played for hours today and i'm running around the western plaguelands like a faggot and nearly getting slaughtered by bears and spiders. ugh. stupid pleaguelands. not a fan. I can NOW finally smelt iron. that was rediculous... i spent alot of my levels looking for silver to smelt so i can level in my mining. but what's bad is that after iron, i have to find trusilver, and that's not easy to find.

my red die in my hair is washing out a little too much. i may have to go get it redied. wanna join?

yeah so this was just a little splurge of words and i'm done now...

talk to me, someone.


so it counts down.

why is it...

2008-08-14 21:14:33 by LionHeadtm

that whenever my friend asks me to design a layout for him, I fail to do so? I mean, I am able to crank out these two wonderful layouts, that I myself am quite proud of... and then he asks "Make me a simple layout". HA! I open up adobe photoshop, all super psyched that I'm gonna create something so wonderful that he's gonna show it off to all his friends and be super proud of and then!.... I can't make anything... Have I hit another wall? But what is awkward is that it's only him... When he asks, I think i get so worked up over impressing him and making him happy, I overestimate myself or something and then I force myself into a creative knot.... I feel terrible because he wants one, but I can't give it to him. I swear, I was dreaming of this design even. I knew what to make him but when I put it together... it just looks like shit... I'm so upset with myself.

I have been having a bad series of nights lately... I'm really burnt out from work and now i'm going to pull a 2nd job... I feel like I completely lost my life right now... I don't know what to do. *sigh* I can't even play WoW anymore because I lost my luster for it... I'm just really spent, i guess... I do, however, pull alot of inspiration from colors... Maybe I should go color shopping. That may work... no?... nah... i think my brain needs a rest. I was really worked up for the past few nights, I think my psyche just needs a rest. It may help... I dunno... but if you would like to see my layouts that I did, i'll post two of them here for your viewing. Rate them if you want... it's your choice.


or my layout that i'm using on my myspace now,

Urban meets Vintage

*sigh* i'm so discontented right now....

why is it...

Tearin' it up in Exodar

2008-08-04 23:25:45 by LionHeadtm

Yah, so I was watching G4 today and I happened to come across the CGS Tourney. Lucky, amirite? lol. Anyway. I'm looking at these gamers in just utter amazement. I wish I was at that level of play, but at the same time, I'd be afraid to lose any kind of life that I already have. I mean, there'd be no choice for me to get a boyfriend or a husband and I would just... kill myself eventually from the lack of sleep and excessive drinking of ... mountain dew... blech... I'm not a Mountain Dew fan... It's just way to sweet for me. I prefer juice or waters now. Tea?! MMMMmmm... <3...
Anyway, there was this one kid on there by the online alias name of "Messy". He was kinda cute actually. I mean, sure he's got some pounds, but I don't care. I think it looks cute on him. <333. If you follow my blogs, you'll see I mentioned it several times... anyway... I happen to say "I'd hit that. >:3" as my mom was walking by to use the bathroom. LOLOLOLORPOPORZ. hahaa...

But anyway, I decided to finally dual weild my shaman... BEST CHOICE EVARRRRR. how you like me now, bitches?... Who wants to quest with me now, eh? eh?... >=3 I'll be waiting at Camp Mohaje...asodfiuasdofu whatever... >.<

Someone come play with me? :'( I want someone to quest with on Shattered hand. u.u

Name: Taurasan


and what is with the lowered gas prices?... I LOVE IT!!!

Tearin' it up in Exodar

I kissed a girl... and I liked it.

2008-07-10 19:19:37 by LionHeadtm

Haha!!! fooled you!! Oh man, that's like a new Rick Roll...

you like it... you know you do...

I'm so silly.

I kissed a girl... and I liked it.