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John and Kate plus Eight

2008-07-03 19:33:44 by LionHeadtm

I have a confession... It's a silly one... it's about my guilty pleasure and it's name is John and Kate plus Eight. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of kids, but as I have gotten older, I seem notice that when i'm around kids anymore, I notice mother-like qualities just seeming to purge from my skin and actions. I grow up when I'm around them. However... I'm sad to say that it's not the kids that I watch on the show, but more so the parents. I pay attention to everything that the parents do. I never wanted kids when I was younger, and I still kind of don't, but if I ever were to see myself settled enough and with a youngin' of my own, I might learn from, who I consider, "Masters". I mean, 8 kids. That's alot of kids. And what makes me even more excited, is the fact that I live near their area! And that's another thing I love watching about the show is the fact that I know almost every place that they have been in! For instance, there was an episode where they went to a little carnival of some sort in Hershey at the Hospital. I walked those same grounds!!! I have family that live in Hershey! Who knew!? And another episode on the 4th of July where they went to John's hometown called "Wylusing". I know where Wylusing is and I freaked out. Who would've thought that that slice of heaven lived so close to home. Hahaha and the little perdiciment at Shady Maples? I ate there several times. Hahah. funny story about Brussel Sprouts, but that's for another time...

Goodness me. I haven't taken the time to look up on it, but I wonder if John has a younger brother because I tell you what... If he did and his brother was anywhere close to John, such as attitude and looks... I'd be all over that like a fat kid on cake. Oh snap. Hahaha. I admit, I do have a slight crush on John, but being as old as I am, I deeply respect the fact that he has a family and a wife. I do not and will not beleive even in throwing any type of flirtatious attention towards him for the fact that I respect him for that. Those two are like yin and yang to me. One hot, the other cold (no reference really). John is more laid back and Kate is a little more uptight (in my opinion anyway). One of the reasons that I find john so attractive is just his attitude towards life. I like how he jokes and plays and just rolls with things... plus... I don't know where all of you got the idea that you need to 'impress' me with showing off pictures of muscles because honestly, I don't care. I'm not the type to impress me physically. Just keep yourself clean and be nice to me. Love me and I would say "help yourself to more cake" Just no... 400 lb people... That's a little far. I can appreciate a belly. Honestly, I'm not looking for a trophy husband or whatever. I'm just looking for someone to appreciate me back... and maybe... ... ... no no... to pg13 for some of our 'little readers'. But anyway, I feel better that I put this down somewhere so someone might read it... but if you didn't want to read this and feel like you wasted your time, I'm sorry.... You shouldn't of started reading...

Now... Just in case you DID read all that and didn't get any juicy information that you wanted to hear, here's a picture of me to make it all worth your while. =3!!!

John and Kate plus Eight

The calm before the storm?

2008-06-25 16:29:58 by LionHeadtm

So now i'm sitting here, just got home from work about 10 minutes ago and i'm sweaty and a mess. I'm so tired and I have 2 more days to go in a 12 day week until my next day off. Actually days because I demanded a weekend off after that monstrosity of a schedule. i'm trying to stuff my face now because I have to go to kmart to pick up just a few girly things. like makeup, maybe a pack of Hanes v-neck t-shirts and whatnot. I'm eating sausage and mac-n-cheese. Healthy, right? I dont' care. I don't have time to make something. I just want to get a shower and go, so I don't have to deal with those ... parental units at supper time. Ugh...

Hopefully I can get out for the weekend and stay over at a friends. I wonder how fast I can get out of here too. I dunno. we'll see. Things are quiet at the moment but i know something is looming. The forecast says that there will be thunderstorms in every night of this week starting tonight. I'm actually glad because I do quite enjoy a good rumble of thunder and flash of lightning that knocks out power in the entire neighborhood. Yum. <333

I'm off to get a shower. Leave me some love so I know that i'm alive.

I, at this very moment, am looking frantically for a new place to live. From this terrible night, wish to move out ASAP. I do not wish to live in the same state as I do now either. I wonder if someone can hold some kind of donation thing for me? gather up a few bucks for me so I can move the fuck out as soon as possible. I will not leak any details as of why since it is my business, but I will allow donations. :3

just something to cover the first month of rent.

It's been super rough lately and I'm really stoked for the end of summer. That's when I can fly down and stay with my brother for a week or two. I wish to stay there so I can get away from all the hubub up here.

I'm really tired and I thought I would type out a long and thoughtful blog, but i'm going to cut it short here and continue it tomorrow or something...

Goodnight guys.

would someone hold some kind of benefit donation for me?

Can booth babes be pro too?

2008-06-10 14:31:36 by LionHeadtm

Ok, so I was conversating with someone earlier about how hot girls shouldn't game. I find this completely untrue... If there weren't any hot girls in the gaming world, then what would you guys fantasize about? I mean think about it. They are into games and they are hot, right? Shouldn't that be a double orgasm for you guys?

Anyway, let's get back on the subject about how I want to be a booth babe. I think I have chosen Lady Sylvanas from WoW. I have seen some cosplay pictures and... well... they sucked. Like omg did you whip it up in 3 hrs? It's awful! If you are going to cosplay, at least cosplay with some decency. Come on now.
At the same time that I say this, I'm also thinking about Nariko (sp?) from Heavenly Sword. The hair is my biggest challange though. Where am I going to find red hair extensions of that length? And how the HELL am I going to secure it to my head and not have it tangle?

If I were to go as Lady Sylvanas, I think every WoW player on the planet will immediately recognize me and want to take a picture. Maybe I might be hired by Blizzard to have me at their conventions!!! W00T!! I LOVE YOU BLIZZARD!!! THANK YOU FOR WOW!!!

However, If i were to go as Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Not as many people would recognize me, but I would be able to do more movement and have an excuse to act all badass and Angelina Jolie like... and to carry around a weapon.

But is it wrong for girls to play videogames? More and more people are becoming acceptable of this but the more old schoolers think that girls can't play videogames because they are such bad players... Well, all of your 'old school' gamers, how come is it that I can wipe the fucking floor with you and PUBLICLY at Philly's VGXPO at TFC and completely OWN YOU at counter-strike? I have a team... Challange me. We'll see what kind of loser you really are....

I'll be waiting...

Oh and for anyone who would like to request a type of character I should cosplay as, let me know. For a simple set of rules, here they are...

1. It has to be a character that alot of people know.

2. Has to be from a VIDEOGAME and not a movie. (and don't try to pull some of that "but they made a videogame out of it!" nonsense.)

3. Has to be sexy. Or elegant. Or both.

4. Don't be afraid to give me a challange. I know how to sew.

5. Just no metal... I can't work with real metal because it's hard to obtain and pretty expensive now that gas prices have gone up.

K? That's everything for now. I'll be back and check in on any results, ideas, or comments.

Love ya. ~LionHead*

Can booth babes be pro too?

I feel a little down because my life sucks right now. I mean, I work at a low paying job that requires high traveling and with the gas prices these days, it's enough to get me just to the gas station... that's it. I actually saw a joke on Ebaumsworld that went a little something like this:

A guy drives up to the gas station and walks inside to pre-pay. He says to the cashier,
"5 bucks for gas please".
The Cashier takes his 5 dollar bill and farts.
"Please come again"

Hahahah. haaaa.... yeah so... I think it's funny because it's true. o.o...
What happened to the days where gas was like a 1.50? I say... I can't wait for that alternative fuel or for the cars that run on water or something...

So I'm really hungry, but it's like 97 degrees with 70% humidity out. I don't want to get a shower because my hair will take forever to get done and it'll frizz up anyway. I dunno. I want to just go buy something... Maybe I should have dominoes deliver to me or something. It really sucks because there's noone to eat with. I'm stuck sitting at home having one hell of a shitty day and noone to share it with. :( I bet all of you are just waiting for me to say something intelligent, huh?...

and for my favorite (and longest)...
Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsillivolcanoco nosis.

WOOT!!! 10 POINTS!!!




>.< Go buy me some pizza... A girls gotta eat.

you know what.... just look at the picture... and my unsightly nose.

4 days and nothing to do and absolutely nothing to say.

Make me an internet phenomenon

2008-06-02 13:44:14 by LionHeadtm

Ha ha! I have gotten so many responses via my last post that I had to just write another one. I have received so many applications and just flat out "your hot"s that I totally feel the love. I am sorry to say though, that alot of the applications were a little out of my boundaries *cough15yearolds* and I wont deal with that. Listen, let me tell you guys something. Don't feel that you need to try and hit on me because I will tell you now, NONE of you have any game. It's sweet that you say those things, but come on... don't you think I've heard that enough? that's why all of you are single. You guys are rather way too young, you flop around newgrounds on a saturday night, and you are probably pushing 400 lbs. The application was just more of a friend search because really... Do you think I'd date some guy in Kansas? No way... I live in the 570 bitches. If you don't know what that is, I'm not telling you. Look it up for yourselves.

Google is pretty powerful.

Anyway, what's even worse, is that none of you were classy enough to ask about me. You need to know this stuff if you want a girlfriend. Really! Girls like to talk about themselves from time to time. I do just to make myself feel like I'm some... perching trophy of some sort... *shakes head* that's what I should make a flash about. It would be a tutorial on how to communicate and flirt with girls. "A guide to getting a Girlfriend" is what I would call it. But maybe it should be more like "4 GU1|)3 70 G3771NG 4 G1r|_fR13nD" hahah. That way some of you can understand it.

Anyway, let's get to some different stuff.

So now that I'm newly 21, it's sad to say that the most excitement I have had in about 4 months is the fact that my Tauren on WoW reached level 30. Whoop-de-do, right? So I thought up this... What if... I were to show up at a videogame convention and see if I can't get work doing some cosplaying... Ya know? Be a booth babe!!! haha. How awesome would that be? Anyone have any ideas as too who I should dress up as? Oh... and if you are going to send in ideas, none of that final fantasy mumbo jumbo... Why? because everyone has seen it before!! I'm not going as another yuna or rikku. So lame... Keep it super original... And if you do, I just may send you a special photo of me in it and you'll be the only one to see/have it. Ya? Ooookay!

Oh... and btw?... I'm still looking for WoW buddies...
Server: Shattered Hand
Character names: Taurasan (Tauren), Belesivale (Bloodelf), Romano (bloodelf)

Server: Maelstrom
Character names: xiequine (nightelf), Midoril (Dreanei)

See you there


Make me an internet phenomenon

Painfully Single

2008-05-26 15:58:41 by LionHeadtm

Ok... So I know this is really lame and Newgrounds is the last place to put it, but here goes...

I am... painfully... single. I mean, I can't stand that I've been left by someone I love, but I think it's more of the fact that I don't have anyone to fall into about personal stuff. And I need it too. I would post those stupid boyfriend appliactions, but I'm going to be a tad more classier and just say, I need a new boyfriend... it's pretty hopeless that the last one isn't going to come back, my life didn't want to pick up in time for me I guess. It sucks because I can't help but not wake up in the morning and even think of his name. I was (and still a little bit) in shambles about pretty much everything, but a majority ws him. There's alot that he lied about the last time I talked to him. Alot of it I can just see right through. I know why he left...I'm not stupid. I wont name why he left and whatever, but I know that he just lied to try and make himself look like less of a douchebag. It makes me feel terrible for the reasons he did leave. What's worse that he left at a ... really... bad time and I still am feeling the effects of everything...

So... with that being said, I'm going to 'try' and pick myself back up and be desperate.
If youre interested (just being friends for now) then drop me a message or get me on AIM

AIM: TMlLionHeadTM

And, if you want to give me some fun, you must have these required assets.

1. Must be asian.
OMG... I can't tell you what a freak for asian things I am. (but at the same time, you really don't have too... I just love asians... alot.)

2. You have to be between the ages of 18-22.
I can't deal with all you little underage faggots that think you are the shit... which your not... I need to deal with some maturity.

3. Be funny.
I really need someone to make me laugh. I haven't had any of it within the past 3 months. I could really use it.

4. Knowlegable.
No dumbasses... period. Having a good head on your shoulders is a mighty plus... and pretty much required.

5. Has a job.
No moochers. I wont' deal with that shit.

6. Respectful.
I want a decent guy. I'm not sorry about that.

7. Has manners.
... nuff said.

8. Doesn't mind a white girl.
none of that... "i want an asian girl" bullshit... Please... All guys want an asian girl. I wish I was asian, but I will pretend soooooo hard to be asian... Plus... I know some asian languages... Includes Japanese, Korean, some vietnamese, and very little Manderin and Cantonese. I'm working on it.

9. Dont over-do it. ... much.
I like suprises... just like the next girl, but here's the deal. I would appreciate cute stuff every once in a while... But just watch how much and when you do stuff.

10. Sex...
I like talking about it. But don't be a creep. I like to talk about it maturely and just like to spawn some ideas.

11. Gaming is nice.
But don't call me off just to play WoW... Play it with me!! I game too! WoW, CS (picked that back up and I actually have a team, how 'bout that?), TFC, Working on TF2, Ragnarok Online, Guitar Hero III (wii).

If you follow (some required to be), those rules, then Welcome to Lionhead...ton... feild...berg... yeah...


I had no idea...

2008-05-22 16:29:23 by LionHeadtm

Like whoa. I had no idea that people actually paid attention to me. Even though they were probably under the age of 15... Which is a little creepy because I just turned 21... The day of that sad sad earthquake in China... DONATE!!!... Donate to them!!...

They seem to be to proud for any help, but after seeing all those school children die, it makes my heart set on fire. I can only imagine just a fragment of the fear those kids were feeling before their death... Without their parents around and being buried alive. I can't help but feel awful about it. I want to help, I really do. I don't know how though since they won't take my blood or take my money. I'm not even allowed to go over and personally help. They wouldn't let me in. Or so I hear. If anyone has any information on how I can help, let me know.

Anyway, let's just pray for them for now.

Back to newgrounds. So I finally get a new post or blog in and yes guys... I'm not going to the forums... Instead! I am enjoying the flash movies and games here on newgrounds. eehh.. I dont' know what else to write. All I've been doing lately is just run around on WoW and work. Life is really boring for being 21... It's been really really quiet and pretty lonely lately. Oh well, maybe something will happen. I have so much to work for right now. Wish me a bunch of luck!

Oh... and all those kids that are under the age of 18?... stop now... You're flirting skills are terrible... Like how your mom was in bed...

I had no idea...

Ok, yeah. so... I've been coming to new grounds for like... a few years now. But I never really signed up. I came here for a while, then there was a long period where I seemed to have like... died. I just stopped coming and whatnot, now in the past few weeks i've been coming to newgrounds about 5 times a day, looking for the next best thing. I've got my favorites, but then there are others where i'm like "... I'm bored. Give me something new." I like BlockHead, SMBZ, the LittleFoot stuff... um... hmm. Well, I appologize but nothing else has really came to mind. I have more, I just can't remember. I really hope that someday I might submit the next kickass flash movie. I want to see my movie on the top of all time list. I actually kinda... forgot... how to use flash, it's awful. Just last night, i was freaking out because I can't make an object fade in a tween. hahaha. I kept claiming my flash is 'diseased'. Anyway, yeah, I'd love to hear from people, and please... positive stuff because come on... I'd knock yo' ass out anyway, bitch. ahahahah. Alright alright...

LionHeadTM - Making N00bs look good.